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A Letter

Stockholm, Sweden.

Dear Yury; My bestfriend.

How are you there? I hope you have a good day every day. Do you know? I am writing this letter in cold weather. But I don’t think it’s too cold because there’s a fire in front of me that keeps me warm. I am alone here, in my home. Why am I sending this letter? Because I really miss you. I want to talk everything about my experience (good and bad), my story in Sweden, etc.

For the first time when I came to this country. I’m having a strange relationship with this country. But I’ve worked hard to get here. Study a new education. I’ve made a new friend. But I don’t have many friends. I am eating fried rice right now. Do you want I want to eat this fried rice with you in Japan. How are you there in Japan? Happy? Fine? I hope you are always happy and fine. I want to know your story in Japan. I hope we can meet in Indonesia, our country. Play together, laugh together, and cry together. Because we are best friends.

Do you miss me too? Yay, happy birthday to you! Later. When I meet you in Indonesia, I’ll give you a gift. Ok? I’ll wait for you, and you’ll wait for me. I am not expected to really come to this country. It’s not what I expected. Yury, tell me about your experience in Japan. I believe you concur with me. You’re not expected to go to Japan. I don’t know when I will go home. I really miss my home. I miss my mom, dad, sister, and brother. You too.

Do you know? It’s a long day here to meet tomorrow. I have a dream that I want to take you here, and after that, we can take a walk in Stockholm. Eat together. Do you know that in Sweden the food is so different from Indonesian food? I think Indonesian food is number one. I also want to take a walk with you in Japan and eat together. I think it will be fun to do. Do you know? I like the beach here. I go there almost every day. I feel calm every time I go to this beach.

For Yury, one more: I really miss you here.

Your Bestfriend,

Selma Hawlani.

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