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A Letter

Dear Sukma.

How are you? I am writing this letter to tell you that I really miss you. Do you miss me too? It’s too bad that we couldn’t spend the last holiday together. I spent my holidays in Myanmar. I visited some places in the city, but among the places Inle, Myanmar, left the greatest impression on me.

Let me tell you how my tour of Inle, Myanmar, went. I spent about three hours getting to Inle, Myanmar, from my friend’s house by public transportation. I arrived at the location in the afternoon. Since I wanted to watch the sunrise from the top of Inle Lake, which was one of the best sunrise spots in Inle Lake, I decided to take a rest at a guest house and would go to the hill at dawn. I woke up at 3 in the morning, and as soon as I was ready, I rented a jeep to get to the hill. When I arrived at the hill, many people were there. To cut a long story short, I arrived at the top of the hill and witnessed the breathtaking view of the golden sunrise.I spent around an hour there just enjoying the breathtaking view that nature offered.

It was a great experience; it’s been even greater since, and if you have been there, that’s all I can tell you about my holiday. I will tell you to rest another time. Now that I have shared my experience, Keep working hard, beautiful.

I hope you write me back.

Your lovely friend,

Lulu Izdihar Salsabila.

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