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A Letter

Hi, Dad!

How are you? How about your work there? I’m here because I miss you and have a lot of stories to tell you. I always keep track of the date of your return. Dad, I’d like to share my childhood story with you when I’m in my fifth year.

I was so cute one morning, you always woke me up in the morning and took me to your back. Did you still remember? When I looked at you in front of the house while washing your motorcycle. Then my sister came over and suddenly pinched my cheek. I cried aloud, and you took me away from my sister and to Grass Valley, where you irritated me by playing in the water. At that time, the cloud started getting dark, and the rain landed so hard. My sister arrived, and you immediately approached us and advised us not to fight again, before kissing us. The rain calmed down, and my mother screamed, “Come here, you all should have breakfast; come on, the fried meat was ripe.”

Day by day My sister was the older sister, and I was a teen. My father, mother, and sister live a long distance apart. I can’t stop thinking about my sweet home now that I’ve found it.

Dad! I feel alone when my soul can’t balance with mine. I always mention you every time that I miss you, and I always make the wish that you will always be beside me, that you will always be my young and my old father without any changes. And you know? When I told you my story, I was confident that you would become my hero, my entertainment, and everything else I required. But… I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m not sure what to make of it. Honestly, I am afraid it’s a fact. The situation was different, so it was difficult to contact you. So I send my little letter for you, hoping we can tell our story together again.

Ah yaaa! Sorry, I can’t continue the letter because my job must be finished today. Keep yourself healthy. DADA, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! See you later. Don’t forget to reply to my letter!

                                                                                                                      France, June 1st 2022.                                                                  

Your lovely Zyaaa.

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