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A Letter

Busan, South Korea.

Dear : Haruka

How are you? I hope you are fine and healthy, always. Here, I’m too healthy and fine. I’m very glad to write this letter to you. I really miss you.

It has been a long time since I saw you. I am just waiting for my holiday’s day to get over and meet you soon. Haruka, I will tell you many stories about South Korea. I wish you will be happy after read my writing.

Now, in South Korea is autumn season. It is such a beautiful day. I hope one day we will look this moment together. I must wear a thin cloth cause here the air is so hot. Tomorrow I will come to NCT’s concert. I have bought the ticket one week ago. I have been waiting for long time for this concert. Next year, I will treat you to buy the ticket and we will come together. Today I must finish all my job. It will be tired, sure, Haruka.

Haruka, how about Japan? I heard the President of Swiss came to your university. Maybe you will very busy. Tell to the President that I say “Hai!” Hahaha. Don’t be shy to tell him. Promise? I hope he answer my greeting.

Two days ago I followed oral test and written test to get job. The announcement will be announced two week later. Just pray for me, Haruka. If  I get the job, I will take you to walk around South Korea. It’s on me. You just prepare for your mentality, hahaha.

I still not know yet when we will meet. I know, our busy day is not over yet. But, one thing you must know: love will lead to our meeting. After you received this letter, please reply. I’m waiting …

Your Lovely Friend,

Asiyah Nurul Millah.

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