About Aminul Ummah

A place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and fun

Opened in


Located in

Wanaraja, Garut

Key People:

E. Siti Aminah
H. Agus Suryana
H. Wawan
H. Agus Setiawan
H. Ujang Supriadi

Founded on 27 October 2013, Aminul Ummah is dedicated as a solution for students to face life’s challenges and become personal leaders in a complex world. Aminul Ummah strives to develop and implement a national curriculum that is integrated with Islamic disciplines, tahfidz Qur’an, skills, and emphasis on mastering foreign languages, especially Arabic and English. Aminul Ummah aspires to become a leading boarding school that gives birth to Quranic, spiritually intelligent, emotional intellectual, social and naturalist people. With the motto of the soul of the cottage that is imprinted on a sustainable basis: grow and develop in self-awareness, be firm in the process, and have value in self-dedication. Aminul Ummah went through various changes from various lines. Here’s the journey in pictures:


Green Nature

6 Students

Islamic Boarding School

170 Students



Creative Boarding School

86 Students